8 Fest 2015 programmes
Friday January 30 – Sunday February 1
SPK Polish Combatants’ Hall
 “a little festival for small films”

Friday January 30

7 PM  Tastes Sweet First, Seizure Second  three Super 8 films by Japanese artist Stom Sogo (1975-2012),
9 PM  Canadiana  a survey of small-gauge films from “The North”, curated by Clayton Windatt (North Bay, Ontario)
11 PM Bagerooo, eight! Part One – a survey of recent films
Sunday February 1

2PM  Artist’s Talk with Clayton Windatt
7PM  From the Birth of 8mm Clarksburg films 1932 to 1961 – a presentation by Home Movie History project
9PM  Bagerooo, eight! Part Two – a survey of recent films.

Saturday January 31

1-4 PM  Introduction to Super 8 Camera Workshop
Conducted by John Porter
(Preregistration required, see below)
7 PM  The Art Of Simply Seeing: Spotlight On The Films Of David Anderson
9 PM  Cut Paste and Animate
New works in animation and collage
11 PM  A New Place to Dwell
projected small-gauge films with live musical accompaniment
Cyclotrope Circus    Jacquelyn Hébert, Megan Turnbull & Nathalie Coulson   2013   zoetrope installation, on view all weekend


Stom Sogo "Tastes Sweet First, Seizure Second"

"Sogo's films are powerful and utterly unique works of sublime transportation and oblivion, not easily forgotten." -- Ed Halter

Moving-image artist Stom Sogo (1975 – 2012) was born in Osaka, Japan and moved to the United States in 1992. He was a devoted experimental filmmaker who constantly renewed and manipulated his work across many media. His innovative, abstract investigations were always deeply personal and amazingly energetic. His untimely death in 2012 has resonated throughout the world and on the occasion of the 8th edition of the 8 fest, we will celebrate his legacy with an intimate selection of some of his Super-8 films preserved by Anthology Film Archives.

"[A] movie's reality should be as nasty and fucked up as possible, so we want to get the fuck out of the theatre and hope for something better in life...I try not to have a message or even word in my movie. But I usually have some sick stories behind each of the movies. Those are just mental eye candy that it tastes sweet first, seizure second." -Stom Sogo

I Smell You, 2000, USA/Japan, 11 minutes, B&W, Super-8mm, silent
Slow Death, 2000, USA/Japan, 16 minutes, B&W, Super-8mm, sound on CD *
Carrie at Still, 1998, Japan/USA, 28 minutes, B&W/colour, Super-8mm, sound on CD

Co-presented with:
York University Department Film and School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design and  Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival


Canadiana  a survey of small-gauge films from “The North”, curated by Clayton Windatt (North Bay, Ontario)

Searching across the landmass of Canada we find a variety personalities attached to regions that are all distinct and unique from the next. This mirrors the communities of filmmakers that dot the countryside in remote northern areas although their numbers are far fewer. Being a media artist or “filmmaker” in the north is uncommon but working with 8mm & 16mm film is very rare as the availability and accessibility of resources and technology are non-existent. Finding a common ground between these northern artists is to weave a story that unites them as each individual perspective and approach to filmmaking is different than the next. Though these artists have thousands of kilometers dividing them, they share similarities in ideological perspective through the concept of Canadian identity. Each piece in this program represents one of these perspectives and celebrates an identity that is very Canadiana.

EH TO ZED Dan Sokolowski Super 8 6.5 min. Dawson City, Yukon. **
Lost Lindsay Sarazin Super 8 1.5 min. North Bay, Ontario.
Beyond The Edge Alek Bélanger Super 8 0 min. New Liskeard, Ontario.
dog=god Karen Hines & Lulu Keating Super 8 4 min. **Manitoulin Island, Ontario & Dawson City, Yukon
Niso kakastesinowin Jules Koostachin Super 8 2 min. Sudbury, Ontario. *
the the Tanya Lukin Linklater 2013 Super 8 11 min. North Bay, Ontario.
The Trade Lindsay Sarazin 2014 Super 8 1 min. North Bay, Ontario.
Autumn Girl Eric Boissonneault 2014 Super 8 5 min. North Bay, Ontario.
Wedding on Mussel Island Lulu Keating 2014 Super 8 3.5 min. Dawson City, Yukon.
H20 – 60 Laurent Vaillancourt 2014 Super 8 5 min. Hearst, Ontario.
Moladit Christian Chapman 2014 Super 8 5 min. Fort William First Nation, Ontario & Marja Bal Nango, Norway.

Sponsored by FADO


Bagerooo, eight! Part One

Estera: Mat (Part 1)  Alexandra Gelis   2014   Super 8 2 projector   sound   3 min.
Fragments # 4   Pedro Ferreira   2014   Super 8   sound   10 min.
L'Inventaire   Martine Syms   2014   Super 8   sound   2:34
tidal bored II   Ilse Kramer  2014   Super 8   silent   3 min.
Jacumba Song   Baba Hillman   2013   Super 8 on 16mm   sound   2:46  
Off-Sales   Aaron Zeghers, Clint Enns & Leslie Supnet   2014   Super 8   sound   5 min.
Gathering   ZoĎ Heyn-Jones   2014   Super 8   sound   3:23 
Cecil   Emmalyne Laurin   2013   Super 8   silent   2 min. *   
Vision Quest   Karl Reinsalu   2014   Super 8   sound   4 min.
Mountains and Dresses into Windows   Stephanie Gray  2014   Super 8, b/w,  live accompaniment by Jonathan Culp  6.5 min,
Marine Stadium Glimpses   Lisa Danker   2014   Super 8   sound   2:45
Rands   Lucas Martin   2013   Super 8   sound   3:45  
Lament    Nisha Platzer   2013   regular 8mm   sound   4 min.
The Game   Cynthia Naggar   2013   Super 8   sound   2:43
Listen, Try Not To Dwell on That Idea, Please   Benjamin Ramirez Perez   2013   Super 8   sound   6 min.
Meditation on Peace   Keith Lock   2014   Super 8   silent   3 min.
Jump   Elwood Jimmy   2014   Super 8   3 min.

Sponsored by Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre

Introduction to Super 8 Camera Operating Workshop
Saturday January 31 1-4 PM
Introduction to Super 8 Camera Operating Workshop
taught by John Porter

Capacity 10

• Space is limited; please register in advance by email (pending availability, sign-up will also be offered during the festival on Jan.30).

• Please email us at the8fest@gmail.com with your name and phone number and “WORKSHOP” in the subject line.
Please note that there is a $ 25.00 fee for participation

In this workshop, local Super 8 filmmaker John Porter will provide an introduction to Super 8 camera operation. You’ll get hands-on practice loading and operating the camera, such as setting exposure, focusing, animating and other special effects. Learn to shoot while standing, moving or remotely. Get information on where to buy and process film, and how to shop for equipment. John will project some of his many films as examples. Each participant will be able to shoot some film during the workshop, which will then be posted online. Beginners and experienced filmmakers will find this workshop informative and inspiring.