8fest 2017

10th Annual Festival

Friday, January 27th to Sunday, January 29th
 SPK Polish CombatantsHall
"a little festival for small films”

the8fest returns to Toronto for three nights of screenings and live performances at our favourite venue SPK Polish Combatants’ Hall (206 Beverley, at Cecil Street, two blocks south of College). the8fest is North America’s longest-running festival devoted to all forms of small-gauge film, including super 8, 8mm, 9.5 and loops, shown in their original formats. the8fest showcases the 70+ history of small gauge film - from contemporary artists’ work in the form, to its wider cultural use in home movies, instructional loops and beyond.This year’s edition of the8fest consists of eight programmes, one super 8 camera workshop, and two artist’s talks.

Tickets: $8 per event/ $40 festival passes

Friday, January 27th to Sunday January 29th, Reverberations: A super8 on 16mm film loop by Jennifer Martin:
The installation of Jennifer Martins 2016 Super 8 film, Reverberations, repeats silently as it forefronts the elusive power and poetics of movement and interpretation.

Friday, January 27th

7:00 p.m. Radical Correspondent: super 8 films by Saul Levine:
Saul Levine is one of the leading figures in the autobiographical tradition within underground film. His films are often marked by a direct confrontation with the fragile material of 8mm, and the resulting works bear the marks of his construction, splices appearing like indentions in concrete. Through his films, Levine is also a messenger of American radical politics, and of a distinctly anti-imperialist sensibility, a lineage in which he follows Mark Twain, Henry David Thoreau, and other American artists whose imagination and creativity was indivisible from their moral and political beliefs. This programme gathers only a small glimpse of his massive oeuvre, focusing on the Notes, a series of films that he has made since the mid-1960s when he was the editor of New Left Notes, the newsletter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The Notes included in this programme are bookended by Levine’s first film and one of his most recent, encompassing half a century of revolutionary filmmaking.
Saul Levine will be a visiting artist to the tenth anniversary of the8fest and will be presenting an artist’s talk.

9:00 p.m. Super 8 Wien (Super 8 Vienna) curated by Madi Piller
This film programme opens a gate for us to gaze into the time dominance of sensorial landscapes. Utilizing small gauge, the artists selected in this program find their particular voices in a country highly regarded as “the most vital and multifaceted of avant-garde scenes of the world”- Film Unframed, a history of Austrian Avant-Garde Cinema edited by Peter Tscherkassky. This generation are architects of a new cinematic era that plays within and beyond the screen space. The roles of filmmakers, photographers, visual artists, researchers, preservationists, archivists and musicians are mixed into the cultivation of image-making. The majority surged from the classrooms of the Friedl Kubelka School. Others came out the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and incubator/lab and production spaces such as Filmkoop Wien and  Setzkasten in Vienna. This film program opens a gate for us to gaze into the time dominance of sensorial landscapes. The artists immerse themselves in investigative forms of their cultural milieu, and while the filmic actions examine the interior, the exterior or self-reflectiveness, time remains eternally suspended. Artists include Stefanie Weberhofer, Josephine Ahnelt, Alina Tretinjak, Viktoria Schmid, Magdalena Pfeifer, Antoinette Zwirchmayr, Rosa John, Cristiana Perschon, and a performance by Stef+Stef+Stef . Sponsored by PIX Film Gallery.

11:00 p.m. BAGEROOO TEN, Volume 1
the8fest presents two programmes culled from our annual open call for submissions. This screening includes films by Blaine Speigel, David Frankovich, Kayako Oki, Adam Rosen & John Creson, Guillermina Buzio, Bernd Luetzeler, Steven Woloshen, Frank Biesendorfer, Aaron Zeghers, and Kyle Whitehead. As well as a prefomance of Scanning, a super8 projector performance by John Porter.
Sponsored by Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS)

Saturday, January 28th

Artists Talks FREE with light refreshments

1:00 PM
with Saul Levine

2:30 PM
with Alex Rogalski

7:00 p.m. All Paths Lead to the Prairies. Canadian Spotlight: Alex Rogalski
Anniversaries are auspicious. the8fest celebrates a decade of being a little festival for small films by commemorating this occasion with a Spotlight on Saskatoon artist, Alex Rogalski. As the founder of One Take Super 8 since 2000, Alex Rogalski has championed the production and presentation of super 8 films by filmmakers; he is also known as a Programmer for numerous festivals such as TIFF, CIFF and HOT DOCS just to name a few and is currently the ED of PAVED Arts in Saskatoon. With a catalogue of over 50 small-gage films, his work is eclectic and resonates with the influence of growing up in the Prairies.  
Alex Rogalski is a visiting artist to the tenth anniversary of the8fest and will be presenting an artist’s talk.

9:00 p.m. SPACE-Building for Society
December 31, 2016, marked the end of an era in Toronto when Honest Ed’s, a landmark discount store closed its doors after 68 years of operation. SPACE-Building for Society with films by Michal Maciej Bartosik, Terrerea (Olia Mishchenko, Janis Demkiw, and Emily Hogg), Vid Inglevics, Kika Thorne and October Group, Graham Hollings, Philip Monk, Tess Elliott, Lisa Danker, Tom Mitchell, and Petar Boskovic.
Sponsored by Trinity Square Video

11:00 p.m. Reid Diamond: Echoes
Reid Diamond (1958-2001) was an interdisciplinary artist working in drawing, writing, installation, and music. Diamond made numerous small-gauge films, often shown in tandem with live music. He and Danny Bowden formed Motion Machine, which presented live music and super 8 film in bars and alternative locations in Toronto and Montreal. the8fest has assembled a programme of Diamond’s films, to be accompanied by two live musicians in an expanded cinematic format. Music by Don Rooke (pedal steel) and Paul Pasmore (electric bass)
Sponsored by Liason Of Independant Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

Sunday, January 29th

1:00-4:00 p.m. Super 8 workshop with filmmaker John Porter at SPK Polish Combatants’ Hall. It will be limited to a maximum of ten participants. Registration fee is $25 and includes all materials. Email the8fest(at)gmail.com to register.

7:00 p.m. HOME MOVIE HISTORY PROJECT: South of Superior
Our annual showcase of works selected by the archivists at the Home Movie History Project titled South of Superior is composed from selections from a home movie collection of a family from the Duluth and surrounding border area in the 30s and 40s. The program is kind of the American version of the Canadian 'North Country' experience (on the other side of the lake).

9:00 p.m. BAGEROOO TEN, Volume 2
Chris Kennedy,Stefanie Weberhofer, Baba Hillman, Guillaume Vallee, Michael Lyons, Jaene Castrillon, Robbie Land, Pedro Ferreira, Sandy McLennan, Lisa Marr, Stephanie Gray, Josh Weissbach, and Scott Miller Berry.

Ten commissioned Films! For the 10th anniversary of the8fest, ten fresh films by Toronto-based and also Canadian filmmakers have been commissioned. Artists include: Ilse Kramer, Sandra Brewster, Francesco Gagliardi, Siue Moffat, Daniel McIntyre, Gerald Saul, Rhayne Vermette, Christine Negus, Pixie Cram, and Sylvain Chaussee. The commissioned films will be screened in the two Bagerooo programmes.
Preview links of 2017 8 Fest films are available upon request.
For more information including interview opportunities, press stills, and promotional DVD compilations of festival selections: contact andrew James Patterson at: the8fest(at)gmail.com