7pm, Saturday, January 25, 2020


Saturday night kicks off with our second shorts programme! The works shown tonight play with structure and form in unexpected ways. They also address the ways in which our surroundings impacts us: the material effects of built and otherwise constructed environment on the body, on sociality, on relationships. Plus, our extra special commission this year features new work by Adam Cohoon!

Supported by Images Festival

Adam Roy Cohoon [ARC23]

Canadian Disability Hall of Fame

2019 / Super 8 / silent / 2:28

The hall of fame as it is now has a neat retro charm to me , but I feel disability history is under-appreciated in Canada. Then started to realize the history of experimental film and experimental artists has the same problems . That is why we need to come up with creative ways to engage with and appreciate our history down the road.


Andrés Pardo and Ernesto Baca


2018 / Super 8 / sound / 3:34

Dopler is an experimental film short that arises from the joy of sharing a roll in two distant places. First pass of the film was shot by Ernesto Baca in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Second pass [double exposure] was shot by General Treegan in Cuernavaca, Mexico.


Maxime Michel


2017 / Super 8 / sound / 3:14

An animated travel in the tropical forest. Shot on one cartridge of Super 8 in Itacare, Brasil, no editing.

Marcos Arriaga

Jantun LLaxta, Noh Kaah….

2020 / Super 8 on 16mm / sound / 8:00

A short experimental film that explores ancient natives’ cities in America. Images of Machupichu, Saczashuaman, Uxmal, Chichen Itza and Mesa Verde had been blow up from Super 8 to 16 mm, handheld developed and reticulated to create a nostalgic view of our past.

Chris Kennedy


2018 / Super 8 / sound / 3:18

The Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, Portugal is a huge estate that has two initiation wells built into the ground. This film takes us into one of them. Soundtrack by Samuel La France.

Michael Lyons 

Porto Landscape

2018 / Super 8 / silent / 5:47

Filmed during the massive forest fires in Portugal, 2016, a thick pall of smoke gathers ominously over the Douro river. Kevin Dong: “As a medium capable of representing time in different ways, cinema is a vital tool which allows us to perceive the Anthropocene differently.” Luma 015(4), Winter 2019.


Camille Pueyo

Ghost Film II

2018 / Super 8 / silent / 2:57

Through a game of appearance and disappearance, vaporous and hypnotic images bring out the invisible, what has disappeared manifests itself on the sensitive surface of the film, like a ghost inviting us to rethink our perception of reality.


Alexandra Gelis

Exits and Entries

2020 / Super 8 on 16mm / sound / 7:30

Entries are Exit points to more complex Entries. Exits and Entries is a visual exploration, an assemblage of forces.  The doing an undoings of my mother: a Warrior. The film is part a large project “Doing and Undoing: Poems from within” dealing with my mother’s cancer healing process.


Alina Tretinjak

Swan Lake

2019 / Super 8 / silent / 3:15

An interpretation of the famous ballet for Super 8 material, with the White Swan and the Black Swan performing as reflections of each other on the sea surface. Finalized in negative images, the experimental film “SwanLake” is projected backwards.



Magdalena Pfeifer


2019 / double Super 8 projection / sound / 6:15

The films Schnittstelle_Interface are based upon an actual train junction, namely where the Franz Josef line interfaces with the Thaya Valleý line, the latter constructed between 1891 and 1903 to run from Schwarzenau through Slavonice to Iglau. In 2010, the line was discontinued and as of 2017, the stretch from Waidhofen/ Thaya to Slavoince was converted into a bike path and opened to the public.

An interface is a part of a system in service of communication. Seen in physical terms, it is the conjoining or junction of a medium in two different states.

The analog double-projection Schnittstelle_Interface refers to its own materiality, and to the genesis of one of history’s first films, L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat (The Arrival of a Train at La Ciatat Station) created by the Lumière brothers: the film refers to the social impact of a moving medium passing between the past and present.