8:30pm, Sunday, January 27, 2019


With so much amazing work this year, the program- ming committee is thrilled to share two wonderful volumes of Bageroo! Selected from our open call for submissions, the featured films play with light, texture, and sound. They look at nature up close and consider the way it shifts, they explore fleeting mo- ments, and consider issues that continue to shape our realities. This volume is augmented by the work resulting from the animation workshop led by Rich Fedorchak at the8fest 2018.


Supported by LIFT

Animations by Kira A. Brown, Julia Huynh, Scotty Balks, Sophia Smith, Katt Emerald, Alexandra Gelis, and instructor Rich Fedorchak.

the8fest 2018 Cut, Collage, and Animate Workshop

2018 / super 8 / silent / 5:45

The results of last year’s animation workshop sponsored by the Toronto Animated Image Society.


Jeffrey Langille
Ice Fog Sun
2018 / super 8 / silent / 2:39

Ice Fog Sun was made during a walk along the Yukon River on an extremely cold day in January 2018. All ed- iting was done in-camera, leaving a certain amount to chance, and acknowledging the responses of camera, film, and filmmaker to the conditions of the world in that moment.


Blaine Speigel
Radiant Fields
2018 / super 8 / stereo sound on cassette / 2:45

A filmic Haiku: a fractal light poem journeying deep into the mysteries of colour!

Tidal Bored V
2018 / super 8 / silent / 3:20

This film, the fifth in the series, shows the mighty Bay of Fundy tide coming in from a high vantage point at Five Islands Provincial Park in Nova Scotia. Shot in the time- lapse fashion over six hours on the 6th of August 2018 with the wind moving the camera throughout, and the sun shining.

Matthieu Hallé
Ocean Sketch #1
2017 / super 8 / silent / 2:00

The film Ocean Sketch #1 was recorded on a beach in Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal. It was filmed in one take using a combination of freelensing techniques, an Old- field filter, and the play of automatic exposure settings.

Daniel Hackborn
New York City in a Car
2018 / super 8 / silent / 2:34

New York City in a Car, was shot over the course of a drive in New York City, from Manhattan to Brooklyn. The chaotic energy of New York City serves as inspiration for the rapid-fire images seen in the film, and yet some- times there is just enough time to longingly stare…onto the next!

Holly Chang
The Worst Film Ever Made
2014 / super 8 / silent / 2:27

‘The Worst Film I’ve Ever Made’ is a visual journal of events taking place over the span of several weeks during the Fall of 2017. The randomness of its content and quick cuts relate to the capriciousness of life and what contributes to the title.

Mitchell Oliver
2018 / super 8 / sound / 3:00

Amalgam briefly constructs a nostalgic fantasy meta- phor for the digital landscape, looking at an individual’s contributions to the collective in systems like social me- dia and other institutionally-mediated forms of human connection.

Stefanie Weberhofer
As Tides Go By
2018 / super 8 on 35mm / sound / 12:25

By combining Super8 film footage of 5 decades, the filmmaker fulfills her wish of a family vacation beyond the boundaries of time.



Kris Wismer
An Approximation of Life
2018 / regular 8mm / sound / 2:30

A brief yet fleeting look into a secret world, a world who has no interest to be discovered and has successfully managed to run in parallel to reality for its primary pur- pose is to successfully circumvent the conformity that grips the lives of the common person.



Sandy McLennan
The Last Skate
2018 / regular 8mm / sound / 4:45

A massive, smoothly-frozen lake; Regular 8mm Bolex double-exposing pinhole, failing miserably/wonderfully in the cold, hand-processed with various recipes/phys- icalities. Sound is not looped; you could skate forever. The living lake rumbles just under foot, solid and liquid. A naturally scary and temporary place on earth. Winter had its turn.



Alan Gerlach
2015 / super 8 on 16mm / sound / 13:50

SNÆR DANCE is a travelogue, a winter diary of explora- tion and play. The film follows a loose group of friends traveling across the US and Canada over the course of two winters, drawn together by the act of snowskating.