Sunday January 28, 9:00pm

With so much amazing work this year, the programming committee is thrilled to share three wonderful volumes of this year’s Bageroo programme! Selected from our open call for submissions, these featured films explore how artists explore different concepts, realities, and ways of interacting with the world around them. This volume is augmented by a commissioned film by Ajla Odobašić.


Sponsored by PIX FILM

Jodie Mack & Lisa Marr
50 Flowers
2017 / super 8 double projection / silent / 3.5
A cross-country collaboration on one winter’s day inspired by the young unsung artists of Atelier Martine.

Stephan Grosse-Grollmann
2016 / super 8 / sound / 4.5
Basis is a race combining motorcycle-bicycle teams driving in an old stadium. Photographed under aesthetical purposes, the pictures are exposed upon another three times, some parts are hand-coloured.

Shenaz Baksh
2017 / super 8 / sound / 2
Transport explores some of the different means of transportation people use to deliver cargo, travel to work and connect with friends, family and the rest of the world. Images were timed for approximately 15secs at 18fps and 54fps respectively within the same composition to ramp the Super 8 camera.

Tess Elliot
77 Genesee
2017 / super 8 / silent / 10
77 Genesee documents the demolition of a residential property in Atlantic Beach, New York. The film was shot on three rolls of Kodak Tri-X Reversal Super 8 over the summer of 2017.

Sandy McLennan
Line in the Sand
2017 / double 8 on 16mm / sound / 4.8
Incessant changes of a lake surface reflect the unsettling world. Double 8mm film, a line down the middle, double exposures with lens or pinhole, hand-processing and a wash in the ice and sand; sound from the place, the lake depth map and the groove of the film itself.

Mike Rollo
Wake Up! Sleeper
2017 / super 8 / silent / 3.33
A light for your path.

Manuel Goetz
Sado Maso
2014 / super 8 / silent / 7
Sado Maso is a juvenile encounter with nature, oneself and the other, in images both positive and negative, through the most direct form of film materialism.

Jorge Lozano
My Book of Super 8
2018 / super 8 / sound / 9:30
My Book of Super 8 is a work in progress where I am stitching together past super 8 life with present super 8 events and future unknowns.

Johannes Gerhart
Stranger Than Italy
1999 / super 8 / sound / 11.5
A single frame film diary, shot in 4 Months of 1999 on Kodachrome, during my stay in Gorizia, Italy. My life meandered between baking bread, looking for a job, looking at the cats in my grandmother’s garden, feeding the stove, visiting my favorite Bar d’Atri for tea, meditation, TV, learning Italian and being lonely. Some friends came to visit me eventually. I recorded my second Ed Martini album during this time there. Lo-Fi grunge pop.

Dagie Brundert
Katzenlotto / Cat Lotto
2017 / super 8 / sound / 3
49 french fries forks stuck in 49 slimy cat food cubes. Which will be the first six Tabi the cat is going to choose and devour?

Gerald Saul
Canister Versus The Red Death
2017 / super 8 / sound / 3.5
Stuck in a dreamlike fugue, Gerald Saul’s continuing “Canister the Robot” character appears in this film as full scale animated puppet who voicelessly chases his dream woman, the mysterious scarlet clad cyborg. Can he reach his dream with swamp creatures constantly seeking to unseat him from his iconic super-villain status?

Ajla Odobašić
Eros, Arrows
2018 / super 8 / 4
A song for the senses we lost.

Adam Cohoon
Welcome to Ataratiri (Reel 3)
2016 / super 8 / silent / 3.5
Welcome to Ataratiri is my welcoming you, the viewer, on a tour of my new neighbourhood of Ataratiri. Located in the West Don Lands of Toronto, this is the result of decades of planning and development of what eventually resulted in mixed subsidized and market priced housing, a site of the 2015 Pan American Games, the transformation of a vacant lot to a vibrant developing neighbourhood. I live with physical disability and barrier, for which I use a power wheelchair. This transformation of land, which provides my new home which I have recently moved into, all allows for me to welcome you, and tour you around as I arranged to have a super 8 camera mounted on my chair to show you my perspective.