D.I.Y. Subvert

Saturday January 27, 11:00pm

Curated by Milada Kovacova


Another archeological dig where hidden treasures come to light. Some emerge out of storage after decades and others are hot off the press. Do-It-Yourself equates freedom. Gone are the cumbersome gear and crews, and now hand-held is the norm. The attraction which D.I.Y. has exercised over the practices of many small-gauge filmmakers become embodied in bathing beauties, minimalist sculpture, death, psychic tv, frustration, Blue Rodeo, the burning of Zozobra, the boys next door, record players, L.A., dogs and light bulbs! Come join us for the visual development of films that engage through subversion.


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S. Higgins
1992 / super 8 / Live Soundtrack Performed / 3 min.
Documents of “bath time” in the mermaid bathroom. Mermaid shows the influence of American Avant-garde cinema, a la Jack Smith, filtered through Dame Darcy (who worked with George Kuchar).

David Frankovich
Notes On Camping (Naked State) : holeytarpaulins
2016 / super 8 / Silent / 3 min.
David engages in a series of durational actions in various locations around the park inserting his own body as a queer presence in the natural environment. In others, human-made materials as queer objects, resulting in temporary performance-installations.

W.A. Davison
Test Pattern
1990 / super 8 / Sound on Cassette / 3 min. 45 sec.
Flicker film employs an appropriated (psychic) tv test pattern.

Linda Feesey
Fuck You
1990 / super 8 / Sound / 2 min. 30 sec.
A screed of hate and frustration, ultimately reveal complete impotence.

Calla Durose-Moya
Palace of Gold
2017 / super 8 / Sound / 3 min.
Composed of found footage, Palace of Gold splices together and bleaches/scratches/paints images of family holidays in the Peterborough area and elsewhere. Commissioned by Nick Ferrio as a music video for his cover of Blue Rodeo’s Palace of Gold.

Eve-Lauryn LaFountain
We Are The Explorers
2015 / super 8 / sound / 12 min. 30 sec.
Using film to juxtapose her own personal experiences with each other and with history, Eve-Lauryn LaFountain (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) shot We Are The Explorers mostly during a trip home to New Mexico and also a trip to Joshua Tree on the first day of 2015. There are undercurrents of the legacy of colonialism and missionaries while showing the 90th annual celebration of the burning of Zozobra, and an ascent to an ancient Kiva. There’s mention of cutting off Juan de Oñate’s foot, drones and an Ojibwe burial song recorded at LaFountain’s grandmother’s funeral and used as a blessing for the ancestral people of Bandelier National Monument.

Azusena Hernandez
2014 / super 8 / Silent / 3 min.
Bright lights that never turn off, sterile, care without caring. The most important person in a place and situation they hate. Heartache that knows no bound.

Dianne Ouellette
Red is Dead
2014 / super 8 / Sound / 3 min.
Her Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Red is Dead was shot on the day of her mother’s first visit to the cancer clinic. Dianne’s animals always surrounded her mother with love when she stayed with her. Created for the 2013 One Take Super 8 event, Red is Dead screened silent, as her mother passed away the day the soundtrack was due to the festival. She finished the soundtrack in 2014.

W.A. Davison
R.P.M. Part 1
1991 / super 8 / Sound on Cassette / 2 min. 20 sec.
Image and sound derived from stereo turntable manipulations. Objects and the camera itself take a spin at 33 1/3 rpm.

Azusena Hernandez
Perforated Damage
2012 / 8mm / Silent / 3 min.
My life in clips. What I love, whom I love and a little look into the experience I live.

Keith Cole & Michael Caines
The Boys Next Door
2001 / super 8 on 16mm / Sound / 13 min.
You can never be sure what really goes on next door as these local boys remind us in this three-part film.

W.A. Davison
1993 / super 8 / Sound on Cassette / 2 min. 11 sec.
POV porn for Dipterans.

John McCullough
Leashed Like Dogs
1991 / super 8 / sound / 5 min.
It’s easier to make films about being sad. John McCullough planned this as a film about being mad about being sad.
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