Schmelzdahin: City on Fire

Friday, January 24, 9:00pm


“Stadt in Flammen is the most volcanic film I’ve ever seen; the emulsion literally crawls off the film base, like a lava flowing across terrain.” – – Owen O’ Toole 1989


From 1975-1989, the artists Jochen Lempert, Jochen Müller and Jürgen Reble collaborated in Bonn, Germany under the group name Schmelzdahin, making dozen of films and expanded cinema performances. Their name—translated to English as “Melting Away”—literally describes the root of their process. They would subject found film footage to all manner of chemical and biological de-compositional techniques. They would destroy images through burning them, adding acids and bleaches and even burying film in the earth for extended periods of time. Although these practices are more common now amongst process-based filmmakers, when Schmelzdahin first performed them, they were revolutionary. This program brings together four films by the collective and one film made by Jürgen Reble shortly after the group itself melted away.

Curated by Chris Kennedy

Co-presented by the Goethe-Institut Toronto


Schmelzdahin — Stadt in Flammen

1984 / Super 8 / 5:00 / Germany


Schmelzdahin — Aus Den Algen

1986 / Super 8  / 9:00 / Germany


Schmelzdahin — Schildmeyer Darlaten

1988 / Super 8  / 10:00 / Germany


Schmelzdahin — 15 Tage Fieber

1989 / Super 8  / 15:00 / Germany


Jurgen Reble — Rumpelstilzchen

1989 / Super 8  / 14:00 / Germany