She Who Holds the Camera Is at the Centre of the Universe – Spotlight on the Films of Dianne Ouellette

Friday, January 25, 9PM

Storytelling is at the crux of the films of Dianne Ouellette. Her voice is at the centre of this Prairie landscape as her vision is the one taking hold of the images. Most of her small-gauge films were com- missions for One Take Super 8. This Métis filmmaker has been hard at work documenting moments lived for over 2 decades. Paying tribute to her mother, Dianne’s movie, Red is Dead (2016), won the Kodak’s Super 8 Filmmaking Challenge marking their 50th anniversary of this analogue technology. Seeing the film’s grain dancing on the screen, Dianne’s movies embrace visual storytelling culling influences from theatre, early silent cinema, the Prairies, and oral sto- rytelling. Come join us for the walking tour of Dianne Ouellette’s universe.

Curated by Milada Kovacova


Supported by CFMDC


2001 / super 8 on 16mm / sound / colour / 1:50

A short film that expresses feelings of confinement as unavoidable change is coming.


2005 / super 8 / silent / colour / 3:20

Dianne has a new puppy. Created for the One Take Su- per 8 Event in Regina.

The Loneliest Dinosaur

2015 / super 8 / sound / B&W / 3:20

The loneliest dinosaur needs to find some friends.

Duck Duck Goose

2018 / super 8 / sound / B&W / 3:08

A day gone to the birds. Sometimes when life gives you lemonade you visit the birds in the park and all is good again.


2003 / super 8 / sound / B&W / 3:02

My sister and I leaving for an adventure in the UK, shortly after she had been hospitalized and diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


2001 / super 8 on 16mm / sound / colour / 8:30

sIgh is a film about the memory of love, or so-called love, and the search for what is expected and what is to be. sIgh is a film about the fairy tale myth. It is a search for the truth in relationships.

Damsel in Distress

2002/ super 8 / sound / B&W / 3:11

Who really lives happily ever after anyway?

No Time for Purr-fection

2001 / super 8 / sound / B&W / 3:14

When life gives you lemons, remember there are always kittens.

Smoking is Good

2017 / super 8 / sound / colour/ 3:25

We bought a smoker!


2008 / super 8 / sound / B&W / 3:25

My Grandfather tells the story of how my Grandmother ran off with a Hollywood movie director, when in reality she was murdered.

La Moo

2006 / super 8 / sound / colour / 3:20

A day in the life of a bull hauler.


2011 / super 8 / sound / colour / 3:20

Farewell to the days of dating a trucker.

Red is Dead

2016 / super 8 / sound / colour / 3:05

My Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Dianne shot this super 8 film footage on the day of her first visit to the cancer clinic. Dianne’s animals always surrounded her mother with love when she stayed with her. Orig- inally created for the 2013 One Take Super 8 event. It screened unfinished (silent), as her mother passed away the day the sound track was due to the festival. Dianne finished the film with a soundtrack in 2014.