Wanderlust: Spotlight on Rich Fedorchak

Saturday January 27, 9:00pm

Wanderlust demarcates Rich Fedorchak’s films with his strong impulse to wander and explore the world around him. Making experimental films in super 8 since the mid-1970’s, Rich is a self-taught artist documenting the wonders in the world around him. His films have screened at various juried festivals devoted to small-gauge film in the USA and Canada including the8fest, the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, the Montreal Underground Film Festival, and the Haverhill Experimental Film Festival. He has been a guest lecturer and presenter in the film and media department at Dartmouth College.


After a 35-year career as a registered nurse working primarily in pediatric critical care and pediatric hematology/oncology, Rich is now retired and devoting most of his time to his artistic pursuits. He has produced work in collage and assemblage, and experimental cinema. Recently he had a solo exhibit of his work at AVA Gallery and Art Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire.


Sponsored by TAIS

Rich Fedorchak
2015 / Super 8 / Sound / 5 min. 30 sec.
Filmed over a period of two years in various old cemeteries in Thetford, Vermont, where Rich lives, and the surrounding towns, Threnody is a song of lamentation for the dead. Music by Noveller (Sarah Lipstate).

Rich Fedorchak
Harry Among the Angels of Mercy
1976 / Super 8 / Sound / 6 min. 15 sec.
An old man in a hospital bed eats ice cream and daydreams about the beauty of the natural world outside. Music by Glen Kotche.

Rich Fedorchak
2012 / Super 8 / Sound / 3 min.
#1 in a series of personal short super 8 films called The Quotidian Lyrics. Shot spontaneously and largely edited in-camera.

Rich Fedorchak
Almost ( Anxiety )
2012 / Super 8 / Sound / 2 min. 53 sec.
#2 in The Quotidian Lyrics series. Music by Wilco.

Rich Fedorchak
Banjo Tune For Alison
2012 / Super 8 / Sound / 3 min. 36 sec.
#3 in The Quotidian Lyrics series. Music by Delicate Steve and Alison Helzer.

Rich Fedorchak
The Cosmos In Mike Smith’s Pond
2004 / Super 8 / Sound / 3 min. 49 sec.
” Everything is water if you look long enough “-Robert Creeley
Reflections in the pond create abstract images like Monet’s paintings. Music by D* Note (Phased and Konfused mix of Steve Reich’s Piano Phase).

Rich Fedorchak
On Capturing Resonance
2012 / Super 8 / Sound / 5 min. 51sec.
Impressions of Soo Sunny Parks beautiful site-specific sculpture installation at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA. Thanks to Sunny Park and Jodie Mack. Music by Noveller (Sarah Lipstate).

Rich Fedorchak
Ghosts Along The Ompompanoosuc
2001 / Super 8 / Sound / 4 min. 29 sec.
A spectral love story shot on super 8 film. Dedicated to the great photographer and haunter of ruins Clarence John Lauglin. Music by Lou Harrison.

Rich Fedorchak
A Small Film For Stan Brakhage and Larry Jordan
2004 / Super 8 / Sound / 3 min. 42 sec.
A homage to two noted experimental filmmakers who have had an influence on Rich’s own work. Music by John McLaughlin.

Rich Fedorchak
Small Glimpses On The Way To Joy
2015-2018 / Super 8 / Sound / 19 min.
The first phase of what will be an ongoing project of spontaneous personal cinematic musings about the lush visual world we inhabit. Shot as the spirit moved Rich and often using improvised anamorphic lens to turn the recognizable into the abstract and phantasmagorical. Music by ensemble et. al..

Rich Fedorchak
Vixens and the Cherry Bombs
2013 / Super 8 / Sound / 3 min.
Shot on Extachrome 100D super 8 reversal film and largely edited in-camera, this short experimental doc focuses about the wonderful world of roller derby. Music by tUnEyArDs.

Rich Fedorchak
Tomorrow Never Knows ( For John Lennon )
2001 / Super 8 / Sound / 3 min. 13 sec.
Shot on outdated long-gone Ektachrome G super 8 stock, Rich’s take on the ultimate psychedelic song. Music by the Beatles.