Spotlight Artist – Jorge Lozano
January 25, 2020, 9:00pm

Looking Back Into The Past To See Better ⎯ Spotlight On The Films Of Jorge Lozano culls together a broad range of works which constitute the breadth of Jorge’s artistic vision: be it an implicit exploration of the politics of the day, a poetic rumination of time and space, or the consummation of a two-screen projection of a hyper montage from his archive. Cine Blanc narrates a tale of insurgents in our midst speaking to the politics of the 1980s such as the Red Brigade, the Guerilla Groups, etc.,will finally see the big screen since its inception four decades ago. This programme surveys the breadth of Jorge’s vision and leaves us with some food for thought. Not to be missed.

Curated by Milada Kovacova

Supported by FADO Performance Art Centre and re:assemblage collective 

Identically Different
2018 / Super 8 2 screen projection / Sound / Colour / 20:00

Using W. S. Burroughs cut-up technique Jorge puts together fragments that became events that became narratives that became incoherent realities called past, vague and real as the present.

Repetitions & transportations
2018 / Super 8 / Sound / B&W / 5:00

The ascending and descending musical repetitions of shadows on sand.

2017 / Super 8 on 16mm / Sound / B&W and Colour / 6:00

The joy of celebrating being and forms. A work mediated by the use of hand held, chemical
interventions and built with the remnants of overexposed Super 8 moving landscapes.

Cine Blanc
1980 / Super 8 on 16mm / Sound / B&W / 20:00
World Premiere

Made with the initial intention to question art’s transformation from radical stands to the rejoicing with banality and conformism the film ended up as a series of playful incongruences. The 80’s film is lost but Jorge remade it from second takes and edited transfers from 1993. Made with Rebecca Garret in the 80’s.

1987 / Super 8 / Sound / Colour / 5:00

A found reel of Super 8 film with an old cassette tape warped by time version of Sweet Jane by Lou Reed provokes a visual reflection on history as discontinuities.

Meganelizabeth Diamond + Aaron Zeghers
Take Care
2018 / Super 8 / sound / 3:36

Amidst the frantic flurry of moving day, a film. Shirking our responsibilities until the bitter end, this bittersweet and fond farewell to an apartment well-lived and a job well-done. Caretakers of the Year. Shot in a single take on Super 8.

This year the8fest is also presenting an installation work by Spotlight artist Jorge Lozano!

The invisible head
Two-8 mm projectors – loop and a sound recorder

An endless-end.