2:50 / Canada / 2015 / Super 8 (Dual Screen)

Synopsis: Aturquesada is a performance-based project playing with the colour tealquoise, a word coined by the artist to describe a greenish colour that exists in between turquoise and teal. This performance takes place in a snowy landscape that is typical during Canadian winters. The violence inflicted upon the main character and her demise is absurd and humorous. This performative project is inspired by the artist’s connection to the winter Canadian landscape as an immigrant, as well as the emotionally violent nature of a brutal cold winter. This symbolic death by tealquoise is also part of a larger body of work that includes objects painted in the same colour and various performance-based videos in which the artist sells tealquoise objects on the streets where informal economic activities occur.

Director: SoJin Chun

Artist bio: soJin Chun is a Toronto-based curator/artist/arts facilitator who explores the alternative dialogues that emerge in-between cultures and disciplines. Influenced by her experience living in the Korean diaspora in Bolivia and Canada, Chun combines art and community to decolonize the process of image-making. Her work explores artists, identities, spaces and narratives that exist outside of dominant representations. She aims to create spaces to present contemporary art that is socially engaged and relevant for everyday communities while connecting through social and/or political resistance. Collaboration is an essential part of her process as she has worked extensively with BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ communities in Canada and South America.