Bageroo 1


After so much delay, anticipation, and growth over the pandemic, the8fest is proud to showcase two volumes of our Bageroo program, selected from our open call for submissions in 2021. In our 15th year, we've been able to look at some of the nuances and importance of preserving, maintaining, and celebrating small-gauge filmmaking in a world now heavily dependent on digital communication.

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C'est à qui, ce ville?

Midi Onodera

3:49 / Canada / 2022 / Super 8 original/ Digital transfer / Sound

A response to the 1984 film Ville, Quelle Ville? this film revisits many of the same locations 38 years later, and contemplates a more mature perspective on urban living.

Ville, Quelle Ville?

Midi Onodera

3:32 / Canada / 1984 / Super 8 original/ Digital transfer / Sound

Ville, Quelle Ville? reflects a satirical view of city life, commonplace and redundant. Urban life is portrayed as a series of rituals: coming of age in an environment shaped by generations, obscured by the constant barrage of everyday life.

My Cat Dreams of Being a Hollywood Star

Gerald Saul

3:30 / Canada / 2021 / Super 8 / wild double system on film, sunk/married on digital copy

In a household full of cameras, a cat's ego is unlimited. Filmmaker's first close study of his 12 year old cat.


Calla Moya and Patrick Clancy

3:17 / Canada / 2021 / Super 8

demonstration of falling techniques on colour negative stock.


Justin Clifford Rhody

6:13 / USA / 2021 / Regular 8mm

A hand painted portrait of a particular place and time. (dedicated to the dogs of midtown)

Their families are sleeping

Maximilian Suillerot

6:50 / Canada / 2022 / Super 8 / Sound

Pulsing waves reveal shimmering lights. A ghost moving like water shines through the threshold. You hold the horizon in deceit. The colour remains the same.


Laura Pitkanen

3:10 / Germany / Canada / 1970s / 2021 / Super 8 / Sound

A sight-unseen, silent Super 8 film discovered at a flea market in former East Berlin reveals the intimacy of a couple playing a geopolitical board game, dated between 1969 and 1972. 

Reporting the Weather

Eva Claus

3:00 / Belgium / 2016 / Super 8

‘There was still some time before the clouds would come and the rain would start to fall. Sunbeams everywhere. I think of you and hope you are fine, just like the weather.’

Birds Fly Backwards

Rich Fedorchak

5:43 / U.S.A. / 2010 / Super 8 / Music by Boy With A Fish

“What I have here is a camera. And I would like to take your picture. It will make a subtle difference in your life “ - Boy With A Fish


Katelyn Gallucci

/ Canada / Super 8 / Sound

A film of short durational scenes that consist of layered moving images disrupted by a magnifying lense. The film is abruptly like not one moment of rest; the expression of my trust issues.

sway / pull

Morgan Sears-Williams

5:15 / Canada / Regular 8mm

Created during the COVID-19 pandemic when queer spaces were disappearing across Toronto, sway / pull is a meditation on the erosion of Hanlan's Point beach in both literal and figurative senses.

Moving, part two (Ownerous)

Sandy McLennan

3:58 / Canada / 2021 / hand-processed Regular and Double 8mm, black & white / Sound

Moving out/moving in, emptying boxes one at a time.