Bageroo 2


After so much delay, anticipation, and growth over the pandemic, the8fest is proud to showcase two volumes of our Bageroo program, selected from our open call for submissions in 2021. In our 15th year, we've been able to look at some of the nuances and importance of preserving, maintaining, and celebrating small-gauge filmmaking in a world now heavily dependent on digital communication.

on top and through one another ii

Nada El Omari and Sonya Mwambu

2:53 / Canada / 2022 / Double 8mm / Sound

Unknowingly, we’ve found new spaces, filled with stories and thoughts, new sounds and trees, new times, all travelling - always and forever - on top and through one another.


Eva Claus

3:28 / Belgium / 2015 / Super 8

A black and white translation of the invisible wind that is sculpting the water while passing by with reflection of the sunlight.

Diary of a Shadow of the Spirit of the Eternal Anxiety of a Disappearing Man Caught in the Web of Society: The Movie

William Bessai-Saul

3:20 / Canada / 2021 / Super 8 / Sound

This is one of those really boring, pretentious, and self-indulgent cartoons where the white, male self-insert protagonist just stands around like some angsty French revolutionary, whilst the voice-over narration delivers a rambling personal anecdote.

Ersatz Cats

Suzanne Moreau

3:29 / Canada / 2021 / Super 8 / The licensed soundtrack is "Gladiolus Rag," by Domansed.

Ersatz cats play while the master's away - 'til they're caught in the act! People playing cats playing people playing cats.

The Popcorn Man

Lenore Maier

3:10 / Canada / 2021 / Super 8 / "Black Coral" by Vision Fortune (with permission)

Inspired by Popcorn Dan (Coxon), the gregarious 3rd class popcorn vendor aboard the RMS Titanic, this film tells an alternative version of his story through a prairie cult lens.

Whipping a Shitty; Or Idling (Donuts) 1 and 2

Lauren Fournier

1:35 and 1:20 / Canada / 2020 - 2022 / Super8

Whipping a Shitty: Or, Idling (Donuts) 1 and 2 is a visual reflection on idling and the passing of time on the colonized lands of Regina, Saskatchewan (Treaty 4 territories).


Tetsuya Maruyama

2:15 / Brazil / 2021 / Super 8 / Magnetic sound on film

How can one go against the system when you are part of it?

Questions by Davrielle

Lea Rose Sebastianis

2:38 / Canada / 2022 / Super 8 / Artist: Davrielle, Song writers: Davrielle, Song Producer: Amateur Painter, recorded at Cool Tie Records


Hali Autumn

7:43 / United States / 2019 / Super 8 / Digital transfer / Silent

A short, silent film based on a poem concerning the interior, dream-like experiences of an individual through love and loss.


Sandy McLennan

3:11 / Canada / 2021 / Hand-processed Super 8, black & white / Silent

With a Super 8 cartridge I shot moons ago, labelled "unknown," I'm back in the darkroom after some months. Ah, it's the river near home!

Family Portrait #4

Charlie Egleston

5:20 / Canada / 2021 / Super 8 blown up to 16mm / Digital transfer / Sound

An introspective reflection of family life during a succession of lockdowns and part of a continuing series that reimagines familial uses for photographic imaging.

My father is dead (Mon père est mort)

Boris du Boullay

3:13 / France / 1994 / Super 8 / Sound

A man films himself on the day his father died.

Where we are is always too far away

Mivan Makia

3:14 / Canada / 2022 / Super 8 / Sound

where we are is always too far away is an auto-portrait conceived as a diptych, presenting linear and non-linear spaces as a transient body.

Fair winds and following seas

Alina Tretinjak

2:50 / Austria & India / 2022 / Super 8 / Digital transfer / Sound

The film sketchily describes states and conditions of traveling, conquering, migrating.