Black Lives Matter

the8fest small-gauge film festival stands in solidarity in the fight against systemic racism and the historic/contemporary oppression of the Black community. We stand with our Black supporters, Black creators, and Black-led organizations.  

We recognize the histories of colonialism, White supremacy and racism that have shaped the abilities of our most marginalized communities to access filmmaking technologies. We also acknowledge that the positionality of our mostly white led organization means that we will inevitably fall short. Although undertaking this learning ourselves, we are open and ready to listen, to be corrected and to de-center our whiteness. We hope to be a space that allows BIPOC artists and filmmakers to create their own visions. We endeavour to support the reclaiming and reimagining of this space. We endeavour to end White supremacy within our communities, and to abolish the systems and practices that allow it to continue. We recognise that there is so much more to do. 

That is why the8fest is dedicated to the ongoing work of anti-racism through:

– An ongoing commitment to spotlighting BIPOC artists, storytellers and creators through our festival programming, and through a yearly extended invitation to a BIPOC Guest Curator 
– A continued invite to BIPOC queer and trans artists to participate in our programming committee
– A continued invite to BIPOC members of the film, media arts and arts communities to contact us in the interest of joining the board of directors of the8fest
– Holding spaces within workshops specifically for BIPOC 
– Offering PWYC festival passes for BIPOC 
– We also extend an invitation for BIPOC members of our communities to contact us with new strategies, ideas or methods for engaging with and disseminating the artistic works they create. 
– A continued commitment to working with BIPOC designers and artists for our annual festival program guide and poster artwork 
– We (more specifically the white members of our organization) will actively work in order to be better informed on racism, misogynoir, the carceral system and their impacts on BIPOC.
– Sharing resources to increase our support of Black-led arts organizations and community initiatives
– A yearly $100 donation to a Black-led Artist Organisation

Love and solidarity to all who are fighting against police violence, anti-racism, and white supremacy,

the8fest team