Jatun Llaxta, Noh Kaah...

8:00 / 2020 / Super 8 / Sound

Synopsis: A short experimental film that explores ancients natives cities in America. Images of Machu Pichu, Sacsayhuaman, Uxmal, Chichen Itza, and Mesa Verde had been blow up from Super 8 to 16 mm, handheld developed and reticulated to create an evocative view of our past.

Director: Marcos Arriaga

Artist bio: Born in Lima, Peru, Marcos graduated from the Communication’s program at San Martin de Porras University in 1985. In Peru he worked as a journalist and photographer for the daily magazine “MARKA, and the weekly magazine “AMAUTA”.

Arriaga immigrated to Canada in 1987. He graduated from Sheridan College’s Media Arts Film Program in 1995 followed by a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Production at York University in 2003. Arriaga has directed over a dozen short documentaries and experimental films, including: Watching (1994); Mars (1995); El Barrio (1998); The Harris Project (1998); Promised Land (2002); A Little Square Heaven (2003); 3X16 (2007); Tale of Winter (2008); Assembly (2012); My Gentrification (2020); Jatun LLaxta, Noh Kaah...(2020) and two medium length documentaries, Maricones (2005) and Looking for Carmen (2012), which have been show widely in Canada and Internationally. At the present time, Marcos is developing a feature hybrid fiction film called Lonely Man.

As a Director of Photography, Arriaga has worked on several award-winning independent productions including: Honey Moccasin (1998); Deep Inside Clint Star (1999), which won a Gemeni award for Best Social and Political Documentary (2000); the feature drama Johnny Grey Eyes (2001), which won awards at Toronto’s Inside Out Film Festival and the Outfest Film Festival in los Angeles; Zero: The Inside Story (2004); Goldyrock (2003); and several shorts.

Marcos has been working as a Film Technician in the Department of Cinema and Media Arts at York University for the past eighteen years and lives in Toronto, Canada.