On Top and Through One Another ii

2:53 / Canada / 2022 / Double 8mm / Sound

Synopsis: In a continued state of chaos and common lines - maybe lonelier, even looking more closely through the clearness: “I think you’re looking for new dreams” they said. Unknowingly, we’ve found new spaces, filled with stories and thoughts, new sounds and trees, new times, all travelling - always and forever - on top and through one another.

Director: Nada El Omari and Sonya Mwambu

Artist bio: Mwambu and El-Omari have worked collaboratively since 2015. Together, their work spans experimental media art, creative writing and installation. Through themes of displacement, race, migration and cultural identity, they explore the intersections of these landscapes in an attempt to recontextualize their voices and reclaim agency. Working across various local communities they have shown works at various festivals, published in the qumra journal and have worked together on the Awakenings Project commissioned by the City of Toronto. They are currently displaying a digital project commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ontario (on view at:1-home.net).They continue to develop projects around the idea of experiencing art as an active audience.