Their families are sleeping

6:50 / Canada / 2022 / Super 8 / Sound

Synopsis: Pulsing waves reveal shimmering lights.

A ghost moving like water shines through the threshold.

You hold the horizon in deceit.

The colour remains the same.

Director: Maximilian Suillerot

Artist bio: Maximilian Suillerot is a French-Mexican multi-media artist currently living and working in Toronto. Born and raised in Mexico City, Maximilian began their artistic training in Paris (France) at Les ARCADES and continued their studies at the University of Toronto obtaining a B.A(Hons) specializing in Visual Art Studies. Suillerot has exhibited in shows and screenings internationally including Canada, Mexico, France, USA and Germany.

In their practice, Maximilian plays with concepts that encompass the queer duality of presence and absence. They are concerned with psychological processes and the limits of intimacy. Memory as truth is questioned and disrupted. Grief and fiction meld with personal narratives to comically reveal discomfort, and rituals are created as a coping mechanism for consciousness. Throughout their work, the reality of uncertainty is exposed, and all of its consequences are accepted.​