Canada / Super 8 / Sound

Synopsis: A film of short durational scenes that consist of layered moving images disrupted by a magnifying lens. 

What am I looking for?

Impulsively, I’ll admit that I wonder about my subconscious… How it embeds itself into my body’s rhythm; and by extension this film. The pacing of this film is odd like me. Mentally, I am visualizing many images quickly all the time… Artistically, I must keep hold of this authenticity and ride each wave of drifting layered images. Images are the collapse of memory… memory fragments allow us to comprehend over and over we create meaning by looking. There is tension in this film created by cutting scenes short. The film is abruptly like not one moment of rest; the expression of my trust issues.

Director: Katelyn Gallucci

Artist bio: Katelyn Gallucci is a differently abled artist and curator living in Toronto. She received her M.F.A in Visual Art from York University. Her image based artworks deal with how the mind and body continuously interlace external reality and internal knowing. Her work has been exhibited at Gallery 44’s Proof 25 exhibition as well as across the city of Toronto. Additionally, her work has been featured in Difficult placement, Project Gallery Studios, Space Jam, YTB Gallery, and at Layers, Partial Gallery. Gallucci has continued to investigate her practice through previous residencies at Gallery 44, OCAD University, YTB Gallery and Sketch Studios. She has been awarded York University’s Graduate Scholarship, the Susan Crocker and John Hunkin Award, the Project 31 award and an Ontario Art Council grant.