Bageroo 3 – January 26, 2020, 9:00pm

This is a fun one! Our programming team had a really great time assembling this spooky program filled with the most curious works!

Supported by CFDMC and LIFT

Tess Eliott
The Big Country [Nothing But] Flowers
2019 / Super 8 / sound / 5:47 Ektachrome

Tess Eliott The Big Country [Nothing But] Flowers 2019 / Super 8 / sound / 5:47 Ektachrome Super 8 film featuring pump jacks, fracking rigs, an abstract journey down an oil well at 1 frame per foot, and [nothing but] flowers.

Jeffrey Mann
2018 / Super 8 / sound / 3:46

Clouds is an impressionistic video of an individual’s perspective as they fly over the New Brunswick landscape. The film was eco-processed and coloured by hand.

Holly Chang
A Really Bad Film
2019 / Super 8 / silent / 2:30

A Really Bad Film is a document of a cruise between my mother and I in February of 2019. The camera shutter slowly deteriorates throughout the whole film obscuring our view as it gets closer to the end.

Amy Maurine Edwards
Intimate In Fall
2018 / Super 8 / sound / 3:27

As leaves rustle in increasing cold, women gather. Featuring Adrianna Rose Wilhite, Shani Banerjee, Sara C. Walling, and Naomi Curtis. Wardrobe by Noel Mullen of Exuvia Intimates. Soundtrack by Evan Scott.

Sara Bulloch
No Backsies
2018 / Super 8 / sound / 3:21

Straight up angsty break-up montage (or what happens when you prop shop at a grocery store). Created in Winnipeg Film Group’s One Take Super 8 2018.

Dawn George
Christmas Laundry
2012 / Super 8 / silent / 2:18

Laundry never stops – especially during the holidays.

John Porter
Pumpkin Parade
2018-2019 / Super 8 / silent / 7:00

Close-up time-exposures of Halloween jack-o-lanterns glowing with candles at night in a “Pumpkin Parade”. An annual event every November 1st, it was unique in the world when it was initiated at Sorauren Avenue Park in Toronto in 2004, and since then it has spread locally and internationally.

Gerald Saul
Step up With Hap and Hop
2018 / Super 8 / sound / 3:20

The toy soldier duo Hap and Hop are unified in their ceaseless march toward to a war they know nothing about, adrift in an abstract no-man’s land where conflict is a distant dream but still they step happily to the sound of their own feet.

Tetsuya Maruyama
Study of Color and Gesture
2018 / Super 8 / sound / 2:09

Endless search for colors and gestures that surround us in quotidian context, personal but so universal, triggered by passage of light.

Rich Fedorchak
1975 / Super 8 / sound / 12:25

A study of the power of transformation. Conceived and filmed by Franklin Johnson with Rich Fedorchak as second cameraman. Music by Terry Riley.

Delf timschal Gravert and Ian Johnson
I f I o I c I u I s I
2019 / Super 8 / sound / 3:20

Shot for the 2019 One-Take Super-8 event at WNDX Film festival in Winnipeg. Animation collage of photo slide images plus hand-made slides and hand-made effects projected onto various surfaces using four Kodak Projectors. handmade slides are collaged from clear tape, shattered glass, 16mm films and educational art history film strips.