Ersatz Cats

3:29 / Canada / 2021 / Super 8 / The licensed soundtrack is "Gladiolus Rag," by Domansed.

Synopsis: Ersatz cats play while the master's away - 'til they're caught in the act! People playing cats playing people playing cats. Think "Victor, Victoria" fluidity - but cats. This quirky comedy, shot in one take on a vintage Super8 camera, is a cross between a cat video and the musical, "Cats!"

Director: Suzanne Moreau

Artist bio: Suzanne Moreau has herded humans and wrangled cats in indie films since completing CineVic’s Incubators Program (2019). She's always up for a challenge and a chance to try something new! Suzanne is on the Board of Directors for CineVic, an independent filmmaking society with membership in south Vancouver Island and surrounding islands. Her films are sparked by her active imagination and stimulating life with three cats, three humans and the urban wildlife of her home in Victoria, BC, Canada.