5:25 / Canada / 2002 / Super 8 / Sound

Synopsis: fagtactics is an homage to Barbara Hammer's splendid and sexy Dyketactics and begs the question: so what ARE those faggots doing on the train tracks?

fagtactics----the world awaits this funny, zealous, totally irresponsible boys in and out of briefs---come and delight in this irreverent salutation to my 1974 lesbian commercial, Dyketactics!” - Barbara Hammer

Director: Scott Miller Berry

Artist bio: Scott Miller Berry is a filmmaker and cultural worker who lives in Toronto. By day he is Managing Director at Workman Arts, an arts + mental health organization that presents the Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival. Previously he was Director at the Images Festival. Recipient of the 2015 Rita Davies Margo Bindhardt Award for cultural service in Toronto, he sits on the Boards of TMAC (Toronto Media Arts Centre) and Long Winter. Most of his films are shot on 16mm and/or Super 8 film and address themes of mortality, grief, memory and collective histories and sometimes are processed by hand.