Panorama – Women In Experimental Cinema
Friday, January 24, 9PM

The program showcases independent Argentine and Latin American women filmmakers that use Super 8 as their main support. The filmmakers celebrated here work and live in the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. “Panorama” – Women in Experimental Cinema is a unique program composed of short films. The artists use a variety of different methods to explore the possibilities of the super8 format.

This generation of artists make their voices heard and express their ideas and visions through their films. The stories are developed freely, allowing the erasure of the line that separates fiction from the experimental or the documentary. The films include personal stories, social issues, films about youth, love, emigration, gender and politics. 

Curated by Colectivo Toronto

Supported by CINAIN and the Consulate General of Argentina in Toronto


Lujan Montes and Luciana Foglio — Historia Clínica / Medical History 
2013 / Super 8 / sound / colour / 13:30

A short documentary film, Medical History is an audiovisual essay inspired by the poem “H.C 13.176” by Marisa Wagner, a former patient at several mental institutions. Images of a physical and mental wanderings around streets, journeys, nightmares, asylums, burials, falling trees, and the ocean: pieces of life that transcend any medical record.

Lujan Montes — Intemperie / Out of the Open 
2014 / Super 8 / sound / B&W / 8:45

A walker understands gradually that he does not know much about the turbulent and airy flow of the spirit, or that he is incapable of defining it. Nevertheless, he connects with it every time he discovers that his own person constitutes a fragile material structure in the hands of nature’s fluctuations, far from social intermediaries. He adapts his definition of “natural” to the changes of his own mind: today is freezing because I freeze, tomorrow the sun burns because I dry out.

Fragment from The Book of Haiku by Alberto Silva. Sound Design by Gustavo Esnaola Moro.

Melisa Aller — Constitución 
2013 / Super 8 / sound / B&W / 3:40

No insides and outsides. The margins do not exist. Constitución is an intensive burst which does not seek individuals and forms, but different speeds and slownesses. Immanence, distributing the affects, intensities: there is no difference between the artificial and the natural.

Melisa Aller — Desierto / Desert
 2011/2012 / Super 8 / sound / B&W / 3:31

The empty place. Lost childhood. Light trees. Abandoned gardens. Motion without movement. A desert that make us think about where we are. As E. Cioran says, one hand over any landscape can make us return to the landscape of our childhood.

Melisa Aller — The sun in the head  
2011 / Super 8 / sound / B&W / 2:01 

As the days pass, they look at the possible future from a forgotten corner of Harlem, NY. The “American Way of Life” there fades, fades against the sun’s rays. Survival was stirred in silence. Time passes, the economy moves back and forth. Here there are no heroes or antiheroes. But they are still there, waiting, Raymond Carver would say, “We’re having a great time here. But I hope all will be revealed soon”.

Melisa Aller — Valor de uso – Valor de Cambio / Use Value – Exchange Value
2013 / Super 8 / sound / colour / 3:34

The sublime charm (of commodity fetishism). Consumption that consumes us. Lightning in cages. And economic rationality creating monsters. You are surrounded in the backyard of things. No culture, no beauty, no universality. The wolves will die and the equality will be beauty. 

Macarena Cordiviola — Cinescape 
2013 / Super 8 / sound / 3:00

Subjective camera tribute to Beckett and Keaton. A sequence of images edited on camera with a posteriori sound intervention. Cinescape opens windows through the bars. Its title invites the viewer to let go, be taken away by the lens-shot. A double move in which a shot makes the world its prey and releases it again in the projection: a game of light and shadow.

*Cinescape is an invented compound word Cine (cinema) + escape. At the same time, phonetically it sounds exactly the same as “sin escape”, which means no or without escape. Sound intervention: ROM (Roberto Etcheverry & Omar Grandoso).

Azucena Losana — Neón
2016/ Super 8 / sound / 3:23

This is the portrait of Cesar Floreal: the heir of a tradition of light that reigned in the streets of Buenos Aires who now resists obsolescence. 

Azucena Losana — Sp  
2015 / Super 8 / sound / 3:04

SP (São Paulo) the biggest, most populated and dizziest city in South America… While Cariocas are like tropical birds, Paulistas are like frenetic ants… Distances are greater and they’re always in a hurry. Always travelling between point A and B. A busy journey through a beautiful Brazilian beast that can’t help moving on irregular beats. 

Azucena Losana — Kapri 
2015 / Super 8 / sound / 2:48

Traditional Christmas tents of live carp fish on the streets of Prague. Sound Design by Azucena Losana and Sebastian Martinez Toro.